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Recently we started a new drive to brighten up the gallery in Burnham Market which involves having a 'resident' artist, changing over every couple of months. Previously the brickwork of the Garden Studio was in very bad condition and tight planning guidelines restrict us from repairing, so protecting it is the only viable option for now. To do so, we have had a wooden facia built over the front of the studio which the resident artist is then tasked to paint. Graffiti artist MAG1C was the first artist to paint the wall and as such we were very keen to see how it went.

Previously, we liaised with MAG1C to get to know each other and to settle on a design for the building. The designs were varied but the choice was obvious for me as I needed to choose a piece that would not upset any local residents. I have always been sensitive to council planning concepts and as such we are taking a stance of flexibility should any issues arise with the project.

With the design settled on, I knew I wanted to film the piece being sprayed; however, I was not quite sure with what or from where! I decided to go for a simple HD webcam as it just about managed to record in the lower quality of the HD standards. This also allowed me to handle much larger recordings and also allowed me to place the camera in a better location, in actuality, outside the kitchen on the roof! Short of a few teething problems, the recording went very well.

After watching Chris develop the piece for a few hours, I decided it would be good to have a few different angles from which to watch Chris paint. I dug out my old DVD-Camcorder and charged up the long since drained battery. Once charged we were up and running in a matter of minutes with one of my trusty tripods. The downside of this camera is the miniature DVDs it records to, which unfortunately only hold 20 minutes of high quality footage. This resulted in getting through quite a few discs at quite a rate and as such we decided to focus on a few bits in particular, rather than trying to capture close-ups all the way through.

Watching MAG1C work was a real pleasure and throughout the process, we had customers coming in to the gallery, normally with kids, as it was soon to be half term. The children loved what they were seeing, as of course did the parents and this was exactly my intention. The idea of having MAG1C coming to do the mural was not only to make the gallery a little brighter, but primarily to promote the presence of street, urban and pop art in Norfolk and to get visitors aware of and involved with the creation process. MAG1C was perfect for doing this not only in his subject matter, but also in the way he interacts with visitors, as he is very approachable and is more than happy to have a chat and answer any questions.

With the piece having been up for a few weeks now, I could not have hoped for a better reaction. Mostly all of the visitors who have seen the work comment on how bright and uplifting it is and the overall view is that it is great to see more contemporary styles and techniques emerging in North Norfolk.

If you are in the area, please come and see the piece and leave a comment in our visitors book!

The youtube video can be found here

Alternatively, a Hi-Res downloadable verison can be found here

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