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How many are there of you?


There are currently 2 active members in Prefab77.


How/where did you meet?


We met working commercially at a design studio in Newcastle Upon Tyne, and Prefab77 was born from our desire to create our own conceptual imagery and artwork between commercial jobs.


Do you all have a common mind-set when working?


We do in that we know what it is we want to convey, and how we want the end pieces to look. We’re always usually working together or bouncing ideas back and forth to keep on the same page.


Is there anyone interesting you are keeping an eye on in 2014?


We are always keeping an eye on the whole art and design world! Usually to see what not to do. We have always drawn inspiration from the worlds of graphics, fashion, and popular culture for our work as opposed to what is happening in a particular art-scene.


It appears that music matters to you quite a lot, what are the roots of this?


We are just huge fans of music in general, and when Prefab77 started it was that particular era (i.e. 77) which we drew a lot of inspiration from, this was the Queen’s Jubilee and a big year for the British punk movement so it spawned a lot of historical headlines and memorable song lyrics from many seminal albums.


If you had to associate yourself with one artistic movement (pop, urban etc) where would you put yourself? If you want to define your own, you are more than welcome!


There’s something about those terms which seems so inhibiting, and our style, whilst it retains signatures and key symbols, changes a fair bit as we develop new work. I suppose the visual art of the Punk subculture is where we’re most closely associated.


Can you list your favourite colour, artist, piece of literature, band and sandwich?


(Marc from Prefab) Black, Conor Harrington, Sunday Sun, David Bowie, Sausage Roll.


Where are you heading and do you have any interesting news about your direction?


We never know the answer to this, apart from that we’ll never be far and always working on new pieces to drop unexpectedly on a hungry audience! Our work is probably becoming more and more short-run, heavily hand-finished and therefore limited. For a number of reasons, mainly us being incredibly busy in other areas of life!


Is there anything about the art world at the moment which you don’t like? Could you and/or would you change it?


The one consistent thing we don’t like, is praise heaped on mediocre, or downright rubbish work. Not talking about certain tastes or whatever, but badly executed, bad ideas, that sell out in minutes. Any half-decent designer or artist can see when something has been knocked up in 2 minutes, and when you see this stuff being sold en masse to ignorant mortgage brokers it’s quite upsetting. Or not, depending on how you look at it.


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