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Samuel Thomas - Catch At Daybreak


Escape into the world of Samuel Thomas' paintings where picture perfect moments in life exude with intense colour combinations & intricate patterns. Influences range from pop art, art deco & psychedelic styles. Samuel is a Norfolk based artist with a painting style that is truly unique, euphoric & mesmerising. The majority of his work is of a Contemporary style and can be described as modern and fresh, yet the culmination of the artistic influences used make the paintings timeless.

Samuel Thomas, born and bred in Cromer, North Norfolk, has a real talent for brightening up the way we see things. In general, Samuel progressed through his early years showing forte in many areas, however, one area seemed to align with Samuel’s interests more than others, Painting. Although painting was a pastime that had followed Samuel throughout his early life, he grew the belief that forging a career as an artist was nigh on impossible, especially in the depths of North Norfolk. After deciding that Graphic Design would be an ideal area in which to practise his illustrative skills whilst progressing with a career, Samuel chose Leeds and Manchester University to try and take the first step on this long journey.

After 3 years Samuel became greatly disillusioned with the progression of his courses and decided that not only was the brush hugely important to him, but also that his childhood surrounding held more meaning to him than he had realised. The stark contrast of the dank northern city skyline compared with that of the sporadic, colourful coastline upon which he grew up was becoming ever more apparent and eventually, in 2008, Samuel returned back home with full intentions of evolving his artistic practise.

Despite the financial risk of pursuing a career in Art, Samuel charged headlong into the job. His modus operandi was to ‘explore escapism in beautiful celebrations of the world around him (me)’, and this was executed by painting on large canvases with rich, vibrant colour. This was further developed with his employ of linear patterns, more often than not being ‘matured’ from a simple block of colour to an incredibly refined and textural pattern.

Samuel’s drive to see the hidden side of our landscapes, ranging from colour to pattern to texture, results not only in a flourishing practise, but also one in which his work has become truly identifiable. Any of Samuel’s work can be identified as his, which has become increasingly more difficult over the past few decades, what with the evolution of communications technology and the resulting flurry of new artists that has emerged.

“The spirit and atmosphere in each original is unique, capturing for eternity a brief moment in its perfect state. The best way I could describe my works is a something caught between a surreal day dream and reality played out on canvas.”

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